June 25, 2006 http://taking-over-internet-search.com Immortality Psychologist, Immortality Psychology by Robert Ray Hedges
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Immortality Psychologist, Immortality Psychology by Robert Ray Hedges

Life comes with a death sentence imposed until humanity, collectively, explores our immortality potential.

Adaptive human nature is such that no one challenges the motherhood for inducting, involuntarily, a dangerous to planetary health number of humans with an unresolved mortality issue largely unfaced. How much money has been invested in cancer research.

Billions. How much money or effort has the motherhood, or anyone, invested in resolving the intention to create all children ( all people) to die?

Sanity and the mass suicide that life is have a long way to go. Our attitudes and beliefs about our mortality resolution are pervasively invading childrens psyches. We are teaching children to die. That seems rather evil and disrespectful.

During the last week of june 2006, I am working on emotional pretense resolution. The emotions and attitudes are not in accordance with the context of involuntary manifestation with death unresolved. Being that all dna is destructively tested, then any dna replication is based in malicious intent. We are all recipients of this unresolved horror. The adaptive social neccessity of polyanna, how are you?, everything is fine is BULLSHIT. We have been coerced, as children, to lie, if we want into the plastic child destroying phenomenon of para-cultural sociology. These ativities are psychical terrorism and can be cured.